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Typing Test

Check your typing speed in Word Per Minute (WPM). It will help you in increase your typing speed, you have to practise daily. Type without seeing the keyboard and let your fingers to find right key to press. Learning fast and accurate typing is not difficult, what you have to do is focus and practise. Fast typing is a skill that gives extra advantage in professional career and personal life too. When you are with your besties and doing something interesting on computer your dancing fingers makes a solid impression. The smartness of doing things in digital life comes with fast typing. Fast typing is giving extra edge at interviews.

Typing is not only the game of 26 alphabets but also the various symbols on keyboard have to be learnt. The typing test here facilitates to choose Font Style, Font Size and Set your desire time duration. Also have a feature to switch between restricted and unrestricted mode. So let's start and show 10 finger magic on keyboard.

How to take typing test

1. Here you can see a passage is appear on screen with first character is Highlighted in Blue color. You have to type the highlighted character from your keyboard.

2. As you start typing a stopwatch will start to indicate remaining time.

3. If you press right character, the character will change in black color and next character will highlight to type.

4. If you press wrong character, the character will change in red color and next character will highlight to type.

5. You have to type till the time expire. As time expire a message will show that your time is expired.

6. Typing test score will display on screen showing your typing speed in Word Per Minute (WPM) and accuracy in percentage.

How to customize the Typing Test

The test exercise will appear randomly from thousands of exercise. You can change test exercise by refreshing the page. You can customize following settings in typing test as per your convenience.

1. Time Duration - You can set time duration of test from 1,2,5,10 or 15 minutes.

2. Font Size - You can set font size of exercise passage 24,26,28,30 or 32 pixel as per your convenience.

3. Font Family - You can change font family of exercise passage for better readability of text.

4. Typing Mode - You have two types of mode for typing test

A. Restricted Typing - In this mode if you press wrong character or key, the highlighter will not move to next character. You have to type right character than highlighter will move. This restricted mode will ensure you are typed with 100% accuracy. Practicing with restricted typing mode will greatly help you in achieving high accuracy during typing test exams. It will trained you for type correct only.

B. Unrestricted Typing - In unrestricted typing mode highlighter will move to next character regardless of you have pressed wrong or right key. Use this mode for checking you speed, It will provide experience of typing test exams.

How to add name in top 10 ranking list

1. You have to take a typing test.

2. If you have achieved a typing speed with in top 10 of the day, month or all time. Your name will display in respective list to top 10 rankings for typing test.

How to speed up typing on keyboard

1. Make sure you sit in correct posture before taking a typing test.

2. Your finger placement should be in proper position on the keyboard while you type.

3. Type without seeing keyboard. Your eyes must be on screen while you typing.

4. Practice more and more.